Merlindown-LogoTimothy Akers, BSc (Hons), MA

Merlindown operates in association with the Landsat 8 satellite.



Launched in February 2013, NASA’s Landsat 8 (left) is the eighth satellite of the Landsat program, its primary goal being to refresh the global archive of satellite photos, providing up-to-date and cloud-free images.

Merlindown consists of a number of software programmes which have been brought together under one roof. It is used in conjunction with high-definition images from the Landsat 8 satellite, together with the archived images from Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 (below).



Merlindown was first developed out of infrared photography experiments relating to a proposed PhD in 2004 but, due to the high costs involved and the lack of funding proposals available, became a private in-house venture, funded by my late father. Full testing and development took place in 2004 at a site in Cheshire. Merlindown became fully operational in the latter half of 2004, with the search for the ‘Terry-Chariots’, off Phuket in Thailand, and their subsequent discovery prior to the tsunami there in December of that year.

The discoveries made with the Merlindown system have been independently verified both in the UK and globally. Information relating to many of these discoveries, and numerous on-going projects, will be detailed on this site. Many examples will be shown but, for security reasons, in some cases the precise identification and location of the mission targets will be kept secret, at least for the time being.