B17 Bomber

B-17-1Since being involved with the missing Malaysian Flight MH370, Merlindown has begun to search for other crashed aircraft, several of which feature on this website.

This particular posting is about an already discovered aircraft wreck, namely an American B17G bomber, serial number 4231044, which came down after been hit by flak. The rear section of the aircraft broke free from the rest of the fuselage before the aircraft hit the sea and sank off Corsica in February 1944.  These underwater photographs taken by Philippe Castellano show the B17G as she now lays on the sea floor.

B17-3The mystery we’re hoping to solve is the whereabouts of the missing rear section which would have contained several of the missing crew members. Merlindown will use their facilities to search a large area of the seabed around the wreck site in an attempt to establish where the rear section of the aircraft now lies.