In the beginning, I was very reluctant to become involved with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the aircraft owing to the issues relating the loss and ultimate fate of Malaysian Flight MH370. However, following the discovery of the main debris field, I became increasingly intrigued as to what had actually happened, and why other professionals had seemingly completely lost the plot. The primary investigations seemed hopelessly inadequate in obeying their own rules in respect of finding the aircraft.

We wish to point out that Merlindown has not carried out this research for the sake of sensationalism. Neither has it been done for profit. The reasons for our doing what we have done, and making our results available on this website, is purely and simply to bring out the truth and to provide the families and friends of those who died on Malaysian Flight MH370 with their first steps towards closure. We feel that to attempt to generate any form of profit from the deaths of those on the flight, or the suffering of their loved ones, is both  immoral and exploitative.

As puzzling as it all seemed in the beginning, we now know why so much confusion reigned in the aftermath of this terrible (and preventable) disaster. You might ask if it was preventable and the answer, quite simply, is yes, due to the aircraft not being fit to fly. But first we must look at what happened on that day and the months leading up to its fateful departure.

MH370 was not being maintained properly. The airline was failing and mounting costs and silly accidents began to take their toll on the maintenance of the aircraft. The USA Federal Aviation watchdog had found serious flaws in the underbelly of 48 aircraft of this type, aged between 6 and 14 years. An international alert was issued on all Boeing 777-222 aircraft saying that, if these were not checked and remedied, any aircraft attaining 35,000 feet altitude risked disaster.

MH370 had not been checked, and on 8th March 2014 she was doomed as soon as she left the gate and taxied down the runway. From the moment the aircraft was lost to the ground radar network events began to unfold with a horrifying rapidity. First, a section of the portside underbelly, just forward of the main undercarriage, began to break free of the main fuselage. As it began to work free it severed cables and fuel lines (samples of aviation fuel were recovered from the sea and tested positive, but were ignored because the sample was too small).

The control cables severed included those for the transponder. It was suggested early on in the investigation that someone would have had to go below into the cargo hold to switch off a transponder to disguise/hide the location of the aircraft. In reality, it was the breaking-free of this section of the underbelly that resulted in these cables being severed. These were damaged or immobilised as the situation worsened, the cockpit crew would have been unable to stop these events.

This section now threatened the portside wing which began to droop, dragging the aircraft over to port with increasing degrees to the extent that the aircraft now veered over in a loop. This took it through the coverage of several ground radar stations, giving the impression she was heading back to Malaysia. But instead she was heading northwest and losing altitude. It is a possibility that all those aboard the aircraft at this stage were already dead or unconscious due to rapid decompression.

When the underbelly section finally broke free and fluttered seaward (this was the first debris spotted by a Chinese military satellite) the aircraft was undergoing its final moments. It wasn’t long after that the fuel, which had been directed downward, was now injecting into the portside Rolls Royce engine. Within a matter of minutes the engine exploded (the fireball being observed in three locations on the ground and at sea), the portside wing came away and MH370 spiralled downward until she impacted with the sea. Her debris moved southeast and was captured on the NASA image taken on 10th March as it passed around the oil rig. The NASA image, effectively reporting the end of MH370, began my involvement with the affair.

This disaster was a terrible waste of life and demonstrates that, even with the strictest of controls, in the safety of any flight event, you are still subject to human errors and capital investment.

The Malaysians cannot be praised for their endeavour to find the flight as they knew the moment she was lost they were responsible. They have done everything in their power to delay and hinder this eventuality, even to the point of (allegedly) destroying the ground maintenance logs in a fire. Lies started in this way have a tendency to grow and become more and more difficult to hold together. In the end the truth will prevail.

A step-by-step scenario of the last flight of MH370 is presented here, the information used to compile it being gathered from all the intelligence and satellite imagery available. There is no question of doubt the aircraft is down and has broken into thousands of segments which now rest on the sea floor waiting for the authorities to send the proper investigating teams to the area. No matter how long that might take we at Merlindown are keeping an eye on this, and will not let the matter rest until we get justice for those who died on Malaysian Flight MH370, as well as their families and friends.

1 Aircraft radar plot stops – last known position of Flight MH370.

2 Belly section forward of the main under carriage breaks loose and begins to affect aircraft flight stability. Fuel lines and communication cables severed. Aircraft is forced into a loop.

3 Aviation fuel escapes under pressure and is later detected by the Vietnamese in the sea in small quantities.

4 The damaged section now starts to cause greater stress on the portside wing, which begins to droop downward. Aircraft continues to move in a loop.

5 Aircraft now crosses its previous air flight path and begins heading north east, as the damaged wing pulls it over further to port (left).

6 The damaged under belly section falls off and is detected in the sea by the Chinese satellite.

7 Portside engine explodes as fuel now enters it directly – explosion seen by oil rig worker; portside wing detaches from the main wing-root as the aircraft structure integrity fails.

8 Aircraft begins to spiral down – debris falling off.

9 Location of oil rig worker.

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