Fulham Palace

Fulham-Palace-mapAs one would expect, Fulham Palace in London has an interesting history. Merlindown responded to a request from the staff at the palace to scan the grounds to look for features and buildings lost over time. These are to be incorporated into a new guide to the layout of the palace which is to be published.

Merlindown’s deepscan and infrared facilities were used to tease out old garden patterns, including flower beds and hedge rows, removed long ago from what is now the main grassed area adjoining the palace.

Merlindown is awaiting further confirmation from ground based surveys before continuing to scan for more treasures in the park.

Fulham-Palace-aerial-viewThis aerial view shows the main palace buildings, to the right of which we see two rows of trees with the River Thames beyond. In between the rows of trees there is a flat area within which a circular feature is clearly seen. This is a ornamental pond or lake which would have been fed from the nearby river.

Fulham-Palace-deepscan-20005In this deepscan image (left) the circular outline of the lake or pond is clearly visible. The dark elongated feature on the upper edge of the circular area is probably a colonnade or similar type of structure. This appears to be flanked at either end by statues of matching design.