Roman Villa

Roman-Villa-infrared-0106This Roman villa was discovered during a search for new Roman roads connecting to the Roman frontier forts including Hardknott, and is located in the region between Ulverston in Lancashire and Egremont in Cumberland. The villa was observed in very dry weather. The outline of the villa foundations is only seen as clearly as it is because a crop of wheat had been sown. Where wheat is sown over underground structures, and the soil is therefore shallower, the stalks will not grow as high as will those of wheat sown on deeper soil. Consequently, over the growth period, the location of archaeology will be revealed.

Roman-Villa-deepscan-0049The two wings of this large complex are clearly seen in this infrared image and the deepscan image proves that there are indeed foundations under the crops and that they are not been mistaken for geology.

This villa is a new discovery and its exact location will remain undisclosed until a full ground survey has been carried out.